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Aceasta sectiune noi o numim “paradisul” artistilor de gene, pentru ca aici vei gasi toate tipurile de gene, de la diferite branduri -  Premium sau pentru practica de inceput - la curburi, grosimi si lungimi diferite, cu maximum de versatilitate. Extensiile de gene constituie produsul de baza in serviciile de aplicare de gene, astfel ca va invitam sa alegeti genele care vi se potrivesc:

Puteti alege Ibeauty  -  una dintre alte firmele globale de top care produce extensii pentru gene. Curburile dramatice sau delicate, grosimile si textura acestora fac brandul sa se diferentieze complet de alte firme. Sau poate clientele tale prefere genele moi, foaaaarte moi si atunci iti recomandam genele Butterfly. Daca esti incepator, te invitam cu incredere sa mergi pe Blossom - gene speciale pentru incepatori la volum – va trebuie sa iei de foarte jos de la baza ca sa iasa un buchetel frumos fara aproape niciun efort. Iti recomandam si Yassine – un tip de gene revolutionar in piata din Romania, fiind de un negru intens si sunt extrem de moi, avand o textura coreeana, care permite formarea facila a evantaielor.

Iar pentru momentul in care doresti sa iti tii bugetul sub control, te invitam sa prinzi reducerile la gene: Ultimele bucati, stoc clearance sau genele iBeauty cu logo vechi  - le gasesti aici la reducere; de asemenea si genele care au cutiuta sparta beneficiaza de un discount considerabil.

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iBeauty one size 20 lines


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Yassine Silk 20 lines

A new type of eyelashes is  revolutionizing the Romanian market, these being an extremely soft black with a Korean texture and benefiting from a wide description, on the left side being the thickness and on the right side the size. Having an impeccable attachment which makes the work easier, gaining a much easier gap, the tape with foil in the back makes gluing and detaching much more accessible, always having a clean palette. Important :    D curve of the Yassine lashes is slightly more curly then D from IBeauty brand. Also, soon, you can see the LC curl and in the future B (natural curl). The difference between the C Yassine curve and the CC IBeauty curve is 1mm, you can combine them with no problem. Steps-  1.CHOOSE CURVE  2. CHOOSE THICKNESS the available lengths will be displayed 3. CHOOSE THE LENGTH, MIX OR CUSTOM MIX 4. ADD TO CART 5. If you have chosen a custom mix you can write the desired lengths in the PERSONALIZED MIX box you find next to the description (below in the page) and save.  10 reasons to care for YASSINE lashes are exactly what you need - They are much blacker, because your eyes will look more loaded - Curl D is so, so curly and not getting straighter in time, are always very curly - They are much easier to remove from the pallet; - They have thinner tape lines where the lashes are placed for a larger volume and easier make  big buchiet of volume - sides is inscribed on the right side is written lenght and on the left - thickness, you will not need to use marker any more  - A greater variety of lashes, shapes, sizes and thicknesses; - Box with 20 lines; - lash lines has foil behind, your pallet from now on will be always clean ;) - 6-line and 20-line custom mixes; - Free samples - Quality ! best prices ! and easy contact with us!


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Blossom eyelashes easy volume



Butterfly Lashes, Nagaraku Logo 20 lei



MIX lenght iBeauty 20 lines



Free samples Yassine and a Blossom line


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