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We all love Discounts!

Unleash your creativity, detaching yourself in style and offering your clients an extraordinary service, thanks to our brand product lines, while keeping your budget under control.

We know the importance of profit in a business, regardless of size, so we strive to provide you with the essential goods you need for your business at preferential costs.

Therefore we invite you to discover the products and accessories with amazing discounts that we regularly prepare for you. From individual eyelashes to tweezers, eyepads or adhesives, you will find here exclusive offers and incredible products needed for all stages of applying lash extensions.

Powerful Business tips: You can take advantage of our discounts to take your business to the next level! How do you ensure that your client will return? Starting a loyalty or reward program! What is excellent in terms of loyalty programs? customers are rewarded for continuing their activity! Whether it is a simple card that you offer through which the customer benefits from the 10th free service or a more complex point system, reward programs have been used for a long time and are extremely efficient! So you can use our discounts to offer discounts or bonuses.

Have you thought about having a permanent discount? Or when we have an offer, do you have a double discount? With the cumulative discount you will have a discount on life, on our website. You can save money for other products you want to try or surprise your customers by giving them free mascara brushes, which you can get at a very low price with the help of a cumulative discount .... Or you may just want to go in cosmetics with money saved, why not ?!

How does it work? Very simple! You need a customer account (where the discount you have is visible), and when you place new orders, the amounts are collected and you receive a permanent discount. The cumulative discount starts from EUR 130 collected on your account, with thresholds of 1%, 2%, 5% and 10%.

It is not necessary to always place an order of 130 EUR, if you are always careful and place the orders in your account, the amounts will be collected (example-  an order worth 300 lei + a different order in another day worth 200 lei = 500 lei and you have reached the first threshold for the cumulative discount). The amounts will continue to accumulate on your account, and your discount will increase.

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