Why we want ambasadors?

We are looking for active, dynamic people, people to represent our products! And since love is real, it is not virtual ( here we refer to a fictition love between the seller and the buyer) ... we thought to give of potential buyers the opportunity to have a quality service in their native language and customer service also in their native language. What better way to do this if not through the kindest and most dedicated people who are right next to us? Here we refer at you, you are perfect! Who knows the product better than his consumer?

What are the advantages for ambasadors?

First of all, we want to start with the most important thing. The opportunity to work with a young, ambitious team, a team that is always looking to make progress. Immediately after this comes the material advantage.The basic idea is that you do not invest any money. It will be enough to once recommend the products, then the money will come to you without doing anything extra. How it sounds- Sit on a terrace with your friends while you enjoy a coffee or a milkshake and throw a shot over your account and watch the money come to you while you relax. Sounds good? This may be the future. It all depends on you.

How does is work?

Very simple! We sign a one-year contract with you, we'll link you to our site with a hidden code, and you have to promote this link to potential customers in your country.

It is very important for you that client to create her account FIRST TIME on the link you sent to him / her. The next time when your costumer connect to the site to place another order, no matter where it comes from ( Google, your link, Facebook or Instagram), she will be automatically added to your customer list.
Also, you can create orders for your clients with your account.

For your safety, we will create an admin account on our website where you can see exactly how many orders were received and the amount of orders

In your admin account you can check and calculate your money. You will recive 15% of total amount.

It is very simple . You will recvie money without investion the only thing you have to do is to promote our website and products on social network, so the costumers will do orders from what you will got 15%. From our site we allways take care to make happy clients by free gifst and well costumer service in English.

Keep close your costumers because you speaking the same language and the best costumer service will get from you. As more as costumer sent in shop on website www.orzelowska-beauty.com , as more money you will get even when you sleeping and your costumer do orders.

If you want earn more costumers you can invest your money in advertisment on Facebook/ Instagram/ Google Ads. Anyway, our ideea is to not invest money, because in this day is to easy to find lash artist on social network. We are sure you will find them because our shop is very friendly for forigners and products price lower than in other countryes.

The costumer pay by card or PayPal and they will get products in 3-4 bussines days. Shipping is 15 EUR or for FREE for order more than 100 EUR.

It does not matter whether we make the contract on the individual person or between company. In the end of the month you will receive your bonus.

Come with us and become a bussines women. We are next to you to help you grow and promote your new bussines. 

Our Ambasadors-