About me

My name is Monika Orzelowska, I am from Poland living in Romania curently.  I learn marketing considers myself a ‘forever student and I am always interested in a challenge. I am background in brand strategy. I want to offer all over Europe education about lash application and products for easier work and earn more money for every single lash styliist. My hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to my most recent success - Building Beauty Clinic with treatments wchich you berly can find in Romania.  My personal succes is to continue show up my talents, helping better beauty future for everone and take care of my small son to grow and enjoy childhood with him. As well run company just in few hours per day so I can spend rest time learning, reading what makes me fell being so smart in my live, so important for me to educate myself and employees, as strog team we can do more and more appriciate work. For short future we going to make big online sell platform in Romania, this is so big chalange for everone, especialy for me, for sure i will cross my own borders, already i am so excited, especialy doing an Aplication on mobile phones

Our company

We currently have a variety of services from which our customers can choose and we plan to expand more and more.
At the moment we are among the largest distributors of eyelashes products at national level. Our plan for next year is to spread internationally, so we want that every lash-artist who tried our products to talk at superlatively about them. Amazing is the skill with which Monika initiates trainees into the world of lash-artists. Because we want to offer the possibility to have the correct technique required to apply the eyelashes extensions, whether you are in Romania or across the border, we offer the opportunity to learn virtually all the secrets of Monika. The latest part of our latest service is the removal of laser tattoos. We want to expand the area of beauty that we are currently in. In the future, we want to have more lasers and possibly offer more services than we do today.

Eyelash application | Lips pigmentation | Tattoo remover & laser | Scalp head pigemnatation | Courses & training