If you did not receive this sample of lashes now you can add it for free to your order. If you have already received the sample you are in our database with clients who have tried Yassine and Blossom lashes (lashes for easy volume even if you don't have a volume course) and you will not get them more

All you have to do is add them to the basket!

The box contains different curves and thicknesses that can be seen in the picture. In the middle are the Blossom lashes that have a white background box. Soon these lashes will have other curves: LC and LD and in the future B.

The samples received for free on each order have two types of lashes, namely: Yassine and Blossom, the blossom being on the third line. Blossom lashes are very good for volume without course (easy fan), and Yassine have a premium quality for professionals.

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