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About me

Volume Lash & Beauty - Behind these words is a story worth a best-seller. Monika Orzelowska, owner for this brand, with a known name in the field of eyelashes extensions, is a woman from Poland, but who fell in love with Romania. Being the first lash-artist in Romania to have known the Volume technique, we can rank it among the best and not just national. Knowing the poor quality of the services offered on the current market, he wanted to change something. Starting from the desire to bring quality to an absolute level, Volume Lash & Beauty was born. When we talking about perfect eyelashes, we know who we can call, do not we? Although Monika's time to do what he loves so much is limited, she always finds time to be able to apply eyelashes extensions.

Our company

We currently have a variety of services from which our customers can choose and we plan to expand more and more.
At the moment we are among the largest distributors of eyelashes products at national level. Our plan for next year is to spread internationally, so we want that every lash-artist who tried our products to talk at superlatively about them. Amazing is the skill with which Monika initiates trainees into the world of lash-artists. Because we want to offer the possibility to have the correct technique required to apply the eyelashes extensions, whether you are in Romania or across the border, we offer the opportunity to learn virtually all the secrets of Monika. The latest part of our latest service is the removal of laser tattoos. We want to expand the area of beauty that we are currently in. In the future, we want to have more lasers and possibly offer more services than we do today.

Eyelash application | Lips pigmentation | Tattoo remover & laser | Scalp head pigemnatation | Courses & training